Finding the buyer is only the beginning of a successful transaction. Chicago Dental Broker can provide you with an experienced team of accountants and lawyers to guarantee a successful transition. 

Going from Selling to Sold has never felt easier. 


Just To Name A Few:


When a buyer is found for the practice, Chicago Dental Broker provides assistance to the Buyer to negotiate the terms of the loan. We can assemble the necessary paperwork allowing the transition to progress to a closing.


Chicago Dental Broker’s philosophy in any situation is to provide fairness to both parties. The careful analysis we provide will produce a fair selling price. By listening to the needs of both the Buyer and Seller, and with our experience, a successful transition can be achieved.


Chicago Dental Broker believes every practice is unique and must be fully analyzed to establish its value. Chicago Dental Broker will have a broker personally visit every practice that signs a listing agreement. We will perform our in-depth studies of the practice and its clients to arrive at a fair market value.


Chicago Dental Broker believes in fairness to its clients first and foremost. Any money spent on an appraisal goes 100% towards the commission. 


Frequently Asked Questions

My practice is gone! Now what?
Even though the sale or purchase of a dental practice is a business transition, there is more involved than just money. When a dentist sells his or her practice, the practice is gone. When a dentist buys a practice they purchase a new way of life, a new future as well as a business. It requires exact preparation for each dentist to prepare for a transition and to determine how and when advisers should be retained.


Who can help me through this?
Professional advisers to be considered includes a practice broker, an accountant, an attorney, a practice appraiser, and perhaps a practice management consultant.


What do these professionals do for me?
The practice broker will prepare a marketing program and is responsible for properly preparing advertisements, finding and interviewing possible purchasers, and assist in negotiations. The accountant is important when arranging for an equitable transfer and to answer tax questions. The attorney is necessary in drafting a written agreement and as a negotiator. The practice management consultant is important because of his background and knowledge of the dental industry.


Who should I call?
Chicago Dental Broker has experience, knowledge, and capabilities a successful transition requires. We offer accounting services, dental practice management services, dental practice appraisals, dental brokerage services, and dental marketing services.


“I would like to highly recommend Dr. Rob Uhland. He is very easy to work with and helped me establish a value for my practice. He quickly found a buyer and helped me to negotiate a sale quickly.

I had a very good experience and would recommend Dr. Uhland for the sale of your practice.”

Dennis Morris, DDS


Dr. Uhland provided me with excellent service, personal attention and ultimately a talented and qualified buyer.

I would highly recommend Dr. Uhland because he is one of us and knows the business of dentistry.

Dr. Al Ruginis


“I listed my practice with Rob around Thanksgiving of last year, thinking that it would not see any action until after the first of the year.

I immediately started seeing buyers interested, and ended up with a contract in January. I was in Mexico and the deal was worked out with three short phone calls, for a price that I and my lawyer thought was fair. He is always right there to get it done.

I recommend him highly.”

Dr. Gene Merbaum


“Dr Uhland worked tirelessly to make sure that the practice sale made it to conclusion. He made himself available nearly 24/7.

His dedication to producing a successful outcome is remarkable. He is particularly effective at troubleshooting the inevitable problems that can hold up or kill a deal.

I can’t imagine a more persistent advocate for both parties than Rob.”

Dr. Alan Robbins


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